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The Hidden Wisdom in Public Cloud

Unstructured Big Data processing is becoming the knowledge essential for companies to create their own digital assets. The emerging practice of deciphering immense amounts of data and acquiring useful information from it had actually originated from major Internet companies trying to improve and manage their online services. These companies were searching for ways to better understand their clients’ behaviors, refine relationship-handling between social groups, discovering critical factors affecting the human to computer interaction, and understanding the triggering factor in the flow of decision making. Even if there is a user base of a million or more we will show you how to utilize the software architectures used for distributed computing and standardized Commodity Hardware to quickly respond to users’ service needs.  Whether the information is harvested through website click-through, keyword search, email sending/receiving, photo/video uploading, blogging, location check-ins, or social website interactions we can extract the information you are looking for. How can one manage to achieve all of the above goals and still find value within while mining through the constant changing and various growing semi-structured and unstructured data? Etu is the key to make this happen.

Here at Etu, our team of technological consultants and infrastructure professionals have hands-on work experience in large-scale online services of global levels.  Through this they have gained insight and expertise in development, system management and operation, Big Data processing and analytics.  We understand and believe that the true spirit of cloud computing lies in computing infrastructures in disparities, software-centric approaches, and automated management in operations.


We Began Dealing with Big Data before Hadoop Was Born

The invention of Hadoop has opened the flood gates to discover the hidden value in digital data. The members on Etu’s team have been dealing with Big Data processing for over 6 years. Since the birth of Apache Hadoop, Etu’s team has been specializing in processing unstructured data with this mainstream technology to determine the intent and value behind Big Data. At Etu we offer our clients a strong team of Cloudera Certified Developers for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) and certified specialist who are Cloudera Certified Administrators in Apache Hadoop (CCAH).


Planning for Innovating Your Corporate’s Own Cloud

Because of the constant shifting of Big Data processing we believe that services must be reinvented. By implementing this, your company can strategically differentiate yourself from competitors. For this to happen Big Data solutions must excel at End-to-End integration instead of just the separating of operations. Aside from the business logic of Big Data’s processing, extra benefits can be attained by the integration of the company’s existing information systems, such as BI, data-analytic, or other visual tools.

Etu’s technology consulting team will guide you every step of the way through the blue-printing and planning of Big Data End-to-End solutions.


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