Etu Recommender

Discovering Business Opportunities
through Big Data Intelligence



Targeted Recommendation


  • Product recommendation incorporates item-based and user-based algorithms to provide products that meet a user’s preference, which effectively increases the order conversion rate and revenue contribution.


  • Content recommendation takes into account the user’s surfing patterns and topics of interest to provide highly relevant articles or relevant products for e-commerce.


  • Advertisement recommendation is based on the user’s most recent and most frequent viewing categories to provide tailored banner campaigns for a better click rate.


  • Offers customer-defined analyses and solid recommendation results.






Flexible Product Recommendation Management


Recommendation Management has the ability to filter, such as excluding purchased products for a specified time period.


It can automatically populate insufficient recommendation lists with prioritized complementary items.


As times passes, it can exclude specific products or product categories from the recommendation results, which is useful for sold-out items.


Recommendation results can be previewed and evaluated for specific products or product categories in simulation mode before going live online.


Comparisons can be made between different product categories or webpage locations.




Intuitive Management Console


  • Real-time dashboard to monitor operation indexes such as conversion rate, number of orders, revenue, and trends.


  • Settings and configurations for customizable recommendations.


  • Multiple Recommenders within the same system to meet different needs and criteria.




How It Works




Etu Recommender Datasheet


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