Etu Insight


Convert Traffic into Leads

Behavioral Targeting and Segmentation Made Easy


Etu Insight is a customer segmentation tool that helps marketers easily segment target audience based on the criteria they define. It is ideal for company that is looking to enhance customer targeting and maximize engagement for higher marketing returns.


Maximize Customer Engagement for a Multi-Channel World:


1. Track customer behavior across digital channels

2. Turn customer behavioral data into gene attributes

3. Create segmentation based on various marketing criteria

4. Generate sales leads of specific customer segment



3 Ways to Create a Segment


Gene Selection: Select customer gene attributes to create a new segment

Combination: Create new segment from existing segments based on combinations of Intersection, Union, and Difference

Upload: Upload customer list from other sources such as offline data to create new segment



Powerful lead generation for marketers to optimize sales and marketing efforts



Collect first-party data to maximize customer’s lifetime value and loyalty to the brand



Use behavioral data to identify customer’s hidden intent and preference for potential opportunities



Single customer view across channel for seamless online/offline customer experience

Etu Insight Datasheet


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