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Etu Kicks Off Hadoop Application Programming Competition

Taipei, Taiwan – March 26, 2015 – The 2nd Annual Etu Hadoop Competition (EHC) is going to kick off soon. Etu is officially challenging ... all those who are enthusiastic about Hadoop Big Data technology to team up with their friends and enter. This year’s competition goal is to design a Hadoop application that anticipates all necessary functions with an emphasis on big data processing and analytics. The impending challenge for contestants this time around is to build a data science team with the ability to solve data problems related to the real business world.


“Last year’s contestants tried to deploy clusters. This year the competition is more advanced. This is a data science and program design competition requiring capabilities in data processing and analytics. EHC 2015 is different from last year based on three aspects. Firstly, contestants have to possess the ability to solve a problem from the real business world. Secondly, they must build a complete data science team. Thirdly, the prize is higher than last year. The whole process from beginning till end will take 73 days. Besides the actual output from the program, we are hoping contestants will enjoy the whole process and experience of working with their team members and benefit from interacting with other contestants,” said Fred Chiang, the CEO of Etu.


EHC 2015 contestants will be categorized either into a student division or amateur division. It will be compulsory for all competing teams to use Etu Manager with CDH as their software environment. This will assist contestants to not be hindered by the system challenges of deployment and management. By doing so, it will allow everyone to concentrate more on application development. The judging criteria for the first challenge will include big data processing, accuracy in statistics, and programming efficiency. The judging panel will then select five winning teams from each respective student and amateur division to proceed to the final challenge. The judging criteria for the final challenge will be based on the accuracy of big data processing and prediction modeling, feasibility, and programming efficiency. The winning team from the student division and the amateur division will each be rewarded with a 200,000 NTD cash prize.


This time, the winning combination is to team up with members who are knowledgeable in software design, data analytics, and have good presentation skills. “The rule for this year is 3 people only to a team. The overall value of the big data application will reflect the team’s background and various skill sets from different fields. Take a student team as an example, a student majoring in Computer Science or Information Management should team up with a fellow student who is majoring in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or Physics, and add someone who is studying Industrial Management or Business Management to create a balanced team that offers many solutions. We encourage university lecturers to encourage their students to participate in this competition and coach these contestants, ” said Fred Chiang.


Last year’s competition focused on cluster deployment with 73 teams signing up to compete for the prize. This year’s competition is mainly designed to showcase the Hadoop Ecosystem and promote its core technology. We are honored to have this year’s EHC 2015 sponsors, which include AWS, SAP, Asia Analytics, and Cloudera. Registration opens up on March 28, 2015, which also happens to be Etu’s 3rd anniversary. The showcasing of the winning presentation and ceremony to award EHC’s 2015 winners will be held on June 27, 2015. We are excited and look forward to seeing everyone there.

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