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Etu Gathered an International Hadoop Ecosystem at Big Data Taiwan 2014

Taipei, Taiwan – 12 June 2014 – Big Data Taiwan which is organized by Etu has been ongoing for the past three consecutive ... years. An array of international and domestic speakers participated to impart their knowledge based on the theme of this year's conference: "Converge, Discover, Monetize”. Centered on Hadoop technology and its ecosystem, we have seen a wide range of specific industrial applications, use cases, end-to-end solutions, and tools at this conference. There were over 300 attendees, making it the largest big data event in Taiwan. In addition to enlightening speeches, participants could also visit sponsor booths. Attendees could not help but notice the dominant Hadoop presence at all the sponsor booths this year.


“After having hosted Big Data Taiwan for the past three years in a row, we have witnessed Hadoop technology and its ecosystem transform and go through different stages (child, teen, adult) of open source projects rapidly. In order to surpass competitors, the members of the Hadoop ecosystem have recognized the need to evolve as a must. In the process of enterprise evaluation and exploration, the tipping point for market growth depends on the partners’ professionalism, service capacity, and simplification of products and solutions,” said Fred Chiang, the lead of Etu.


In the opening keynote, Frank Lin, CEO of SYSTEX, disclosed the ambitions and strategies for SYSTEX’s big data ecosystem, as well as the plan to continuously invest in technologies, products, marketing, and the recruitment of big data talent. Moreover, Fred Chiang also elaborated the reason why and how enterprises have to monetize the value of big data – “You better to be different! In a highly competitive market, using big data to build actionable end-to-end applications is a key to be different.”


Christopher Poulos, Vice President of Cloudera Asia Pacific and Japan, brought a world-class development perspective while addressing the current status and the future of enterprise applications. This was the first public announcement made by Cloudera in Taiwan, who announced a partnership with SYSTEX just the day before. Also Steen Graham, Intel Asia Pacific sales director, illustrated that the Internet of Things (IoT) contain various formats and large amounts of data implicating multiple values.


Eric Chen, Senior Assistant Vice President of Etu, described the past two years of operations in Taiwan’s big data use cases and Hadoop-based architecture. He also talked about the importance of taking input from enterprises’ strategic actions. George Liu, the Editor in Chief of China Times, delivered the final keynote. He shared his perspective from the viewpoint of the media by saying “Big data analytics is the way to the future.”


"Compared to three years ago there was lacking of industry applications, but in today’s market there is a need for a wider spectrum of industry applications. That is why we believe the developing of industry applications will become the golden rule in big data software development. End-to-End solutions will be in the spotlight at all time, as high integrated applications have a direct, user-friendly interface that will be accessible without coding or manual settings,” said James Chen, Principal Consultant of Etu. “In consideration for our customers, the key to successful strategies through innovative technology is stepping into the enterprise market. This is the reason why Etu launched Etu Recommender for e-commerce, digital media, and retail. Etu took it even one step further by offering Etu TQuery and Etu IProspects, which are big data platform solutions specifically designed for telco and high-tech manufacturing industries.”


Big Data Taiwan 2014 Conference was divided into two different tracks during the afternoon section. This year’s topics had a specific focus on "End-to-End Solutions" and "Smart Tools". All vendors such as Datawatch, Informatica, Qlik, SAP, Splunk, and Etu were all echoing the essences of the morning keynotes.


"Nowadays, in the booming big data market, the key point is not just to recognize what is trendy now, but instead realizing what the demands of the enterprise are before the enterprise even knows it. You have to be one step if not multiple steps ahead. You have to fully understand what the focus is, and utilize it through applications in order to leverage the value of technology and tools. Furthermore, enterprises should effectively take advantage of using big data to cultivate and increase the market competitiveness,” said Eric Chen, Senior Assistant Vice President of Etu.


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