About Etu



A Purpose-built Big Data Solution Vendor


Etu is a Big Data pioneer in providing Big Data solutions that are primarily concerned with helping customers discover, unlock, and connect valuable information embedded in extremely large data sets through simple steps. At Etu, our mission is to develop Big Data Solutions with Appliances centered on business development in Taipei. Our Big Data business is dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions for customers to effectively harness the challenges of large data sets by utilizing Hadoop-related technologies, intimately working with all Hadoop distribution, and creating constant integration with third party tool vendors. Through our professionalism and expertise our core competency in Big Data is to address specific business problems for customers from diverse industries.


Etu – We Provide Big Data Enlightenment by Deciphering the Data Highway on a Constant Basis

Exploiting Big Data solutions is essential for modern business operators looking to differentiate their core business from competitors and to increase operating efficiency and or deploying a strategic plan. Etu as a purpose-built Big Data solution partner is dedicated to develop and evolve new types of processing platforms to solve large and diverse data sets in present times and to meet future needs.


What Does Etu Stand for – We Capture the Value behind the Data

The word Etu when directly transliterated from Chinese to English is \ē-tü\ which in Mandarin means intent (意圖). The intent of Etu is to bridge the gap between the digital and brick-and-mortar world in order to capture the hidden values behind the data and increase business agility with new levels of performance and efficiency.


How Did Etu Start – We Began Dealing with Big Data before Hadoop Was Born

When Big Data rose to prominence, Etu was formed on the back of this buzz.  Today Etu is committed to pioneering cutting edge and seamless solutions. Therefore, adding business insights through transforming data sets and solving some of the world’s most challenging data barriers. When our team began dealing with Big Data and related technologies Hadoop had not yet been created. With more than 30 years of accumulated experience in Big Data we have come to live by a common belief. Big Data applies to people’s daily life. This belief pushes us to continuously discover the maximum value of Big Data and to be a forefront leader in the marketplace.


How Etu Works – Our Belief in Technology Sophistication is a Key Driver

Engineering Hadoop technology and being pioneers in this sector remains a cornerstone of the Etu brand. One of the most significant issues concerning large data sets in Cloud is the lag time in processing and analyzing the sheer volume of data into tangible information so that enterprises are able to recognize the hidden values in data sources. This positions businesses at an extreme disadvantage when the opportunities in Big Data are ignored due to information not being readily available. Etu believes technology sophistication is a key driver in bridging the missing gap between data and business operators in the Big Data ecosystem. Our team delivers processed data quicker so that businesses can apply this not only to future needs, but to immediate present conditions. Etu is not only a solution provider, but also a partner to business enterprises with Big Data needs. Etu is proud to assist businesses achieve enterprise readiness of adoption of best-of-breed architecture, which can be used to solve current challenges in Big Data and improve enterprise profitability in diverse markets.


Why Choose Etu – We Solve the Big Data Challenges by Providing End-to-End Solutions

With the on-going variety of mass data formats constantly changing the digital data arena the ability to meet rapidly expanding internet technologies can be challenging. We are highly aware that agility is often a prime factor in deciding on a platform to use for customers. At Etu we are determined to solve the Big Data challenges by providing end-to-end solutions. These solutions are designed to help customers maximize the benefits of Big Data across a diverse range of industries and intended to function efficiently on lesser IT facilities in a cost effective manner.


The Etu Team’s Big Data Expertise – More Than Just Technology 

Our team has over 30 years of accumulated hands-on experience in Big Data and related technologies. Etu has strived to have a personal deep rooted involvement in the nurturing, researching, and development of Big Data solutions. Our services range in multiple fields of Big Data processing across varied domains including consultancy, architectural design, and professional services.  We demonstrate strong capabilities in designing and delivering end-to-end solutions that help enterprises evaluate and select advanced technologies that meet their Big Data needs.