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Etu Recommender

One-to-One Commerce, Recommending Intimately

Creating a Better Customer Experience and Achieving a Higher Return from Data Analysis


Why would you not want your customers to shop more when they have finally come through your front door?

Usually online or offline advertising is designed for attracting more customers to visit online shops, brick-and-mortar shops, and drive up traffic. However, this approach is not necessarily aligned with the customer-centric thoughts, which leads enterprises to waste a lot of money and energy on inefficient marketing resources.

Finally, you have customers coming through your front door, but the real challenge of generating sales and closing the deal has just begun.


  • How do you make customers want to purchase more and increase your revenue on every transaction?
  • How do you gain leverage from a long tail effect and filter less popular products to get matched with the right customers?
  • How do you satisfy customers’ preferences, discover their hidden needs, and efficiently approach customers with the right product mix?
  • How do you create a comprehensive experience, increase customer loyalty, and make them stick to your brand like glue?


Etu Recommender has the answers for the above business-wise agendas that are waiting to be solved. Through an analysis of collective intelligence, we are able to enable precisely personalized recommended solutions.


What is an Etu Recommender?


“One-to-One Commerce” is not just a slogan. Etu Recommender has allowed business users to discover the specific preferences, tastes, and needs of their customers without intruding upon customers about their needs. Moreover, it will recommend matches for the customers’ most wanted goods based on their preferences and increase the market efficiency in sales revenues and volume of goods.

Figure 1. The Core Concept of Etu Recommender


Etu Recommender Server Side - Collective Intelligence Analysis

The analysis of an Etu Recommender consists of a transaction record, customer’s behavior, and data analysis consisting of two “groups”:


01 User-based: Intelligence analysis based on the similarities of a user’s behavior.

02 Item-based: Intelligence analysis based on the correlation of goods.


Etu Recommender uses Big Data platform to do a cross intelligence analysis based on the data of users and the information of goods in order to put out a personalized recommendation list. In other words, it uses accumulated data to find out common interests, common behaviors, common purchasing, and surfing experience of users in order to recommend the most attractive goods to users.

A recommender is utilized to realize click rates and purchasing rates generated from personalized recommendation lists.


Figure 2. Etu Recommender Collective Intelligence Analysis


Etu Recommender Client Side - Personalized Recommendation

The recommendation list is generated by an Etu Recommender, which serves as a virtual shopping guide. Take an e-commerce website as an example, the standard recommendation categories include:


Figure 3. Etu Recommender's recommendation list and respective data sources


After generating a recommendation list that can be integrated into different web pages such as a landing page, introduction of goods page, shopping cart list page, member page, search result pages, and/or a checkout page by various categories without changing the website style. All presented as if a real and thoughtful shopping guide has recommended customers what to buy, what should not be missed based on the collective intelligence analysis consisting of user similarities, and correlation of goods at the right moment even in different situations.


Features of Etu Recommender


01 Discover Customers' Intentions

Understand customers' preferences , explicit and unknown tacit tendencies by intelligently analyzing the overall batch transacted data and online behavior data.

02 Remarkable Effect

Extraordinary recommendation performances can be presented on an operational dashboard. This will help increase the order conversion rate and averaged transaction amount of each order.

03 Offline and Online Integration

Both online and offline recommendations can be operated separately or can be integrated.

04 Multiple Virtual Shopping Guides

One Etu Recommender, the virtual shopping guide serves one single domain. Multiple Etu Recommenders can serve multiple online stores or multiple categories in one shopping mall.

05 Rapid Deployment

It is the End-to-End Solution, which can be implemented quickly. The deliverables include software and hardware.

06 Expansion as Growth Increases

Architecture of Cloud Lineage can easily fulfill the needs for capacity expansion and business & data growth demands.


Figure 4. Remarkable Features of Etu Recommender


Etu Recommender Application Guide

The analysis of the users’ similarities to simply recommend goods or to recommend by the correlation of goods to find out the customers who love or may need these particular goods are the tasks that the Etu Recommender can complete both online and offline. The difference between the online and offline recommendation list are the delivery channels:


 Online > Online Application and Implementation of an Etu Recommender


When an Etu Recommender applies to other online services such as e-commerce, digital media, or e-trading the recommendation list will be available through a web page or email.


Figure 5. Etu Recommender Online Application - E-Commerce


Implementation Process:


Figure 6. Online Application and Implementation of an Etu Recommender




 Offline > Offline Application and Implementation of an Etu Recommender


When Etu Recommender applies to other physical trading places, such as retailing, circulation, chain stores, or department stores, the personalized recommendation list will be delivered through such channels as correlated display of goods, telemarketing, catalogue, or email.


Figure 7. Etu Recommender Offline Applications - Retailing, Chain Stores, Department Stores


Implementation Process:


Figire 8. Offline Application and Implementation of an Etu Recommender




 Online + Offline > Online and Offline Integration Application of Etu Recommender


When business demands change from online to offline or from offline to online, Etu Recommender can handle both virtual and physical integrated recommendations.


Figure 9. Online and Offline Integration Application of Etu Recommender



The Benefits of an Etu Recommender

An Etu Recommender, through personalized recommendation realizes the core value of One-to-One Commerce. Each customer can be regarded as a segmented market. The major benefits for enterprises adopting an Etu Recommender either for online or offline applications can make an immediate impact including:


01 Increasing Purchase Conversion Rate

Complete up-selling and cross-selling to increase the sales revenue of each order and expand revenue scales.

02 Increasing Customer Loyalty

Keeping contact of personalized recommendations after order to create new trading circles and to increase repeat order rate.

03 Comprehensive Personalized Recommendation

Both online and offline creates the best and most personalized experience to increase customer satisfaction.

04 Leveraging Long-Tail Effect

The sales cycle of less popular goods can be extended by analyzing the correlation of goods and the similarities of customers.


The Specifications of the Etu Recommender Solution

Please check the < Etu Recommender Solution Guide > for detail.


Download: < Etu Recommender Solution Guide > (279KB)


For more details of Big Data solution, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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