Etu Manager

The Most Comprehensive Big Data Management Suite for Enterprise-grade Hadoop

Challenges That Enterprises Face When Embracing Big Data


Competitive edge of an enterprise lies in the provision of products and services that fulfill customer needs. Envisioning opportunity costs that the enterprise will face when adopting big data technologies, Etu develops and launches Etu Manager, the most comprehensive management software suite that enables customers to build their competitive advantages on top of Hadoop with ease.





Enterprise-grade Hadoop Platform That Offers The Greatest Easiness to Developers and System Admins




Automated Deployment

Etu Manager helps enterprises easily overcome barriers to entry into Big Data by providing their system admins with an automated and standardized mechanism of creating, managing and maintaining a Hadoop cluster.


Simplified Management

Etu Manager helps enterprises minimize unplanned downtime or service disruption by providing high availability functionality and improving data recovery. A web interface is provided for anomaly detection and troubleshooting during downtime.


Optimized Performance

Etu Manager helps enterprises optimize their system performance by providing suggestions of configuration parameters based on the hardware spec and nodes. A health check mechanism is also provided to learn the deterioration in performance.


Facilitating Development

Etu Manager helps enterprises facilitate the development process of applications by providing their developers with a feature module to easily integrate interfaces of JupyterHub or RStudio Server with Hadoop platform.