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About Etu’s Offering


About Etu Brand and Team



01. What are the related products and solutions for Etu Big Data processing?

Etu Appliance is Etu’s fundamental product for various Big Data End-to-End Solutions. Based on this foundation, Big Data’s processing can be done for different use cases and industries. Also, Etu has recommendation engine based on viewers’ behavior analysis, which is the tailored-made solution for E-commerce business. Please visit our website www.etusolution.com regularly for more updates on Etu Big Data solutions.


02. What is included in the consulting service offered with Big Data?

Etu’s consulting service includes business consultancy and technology consultancy, assisting enterprise clients to get a grasp of Big Data’s core value and helping managements to envision strategies going-forward.


03. How would Etu Big Data processing be priced at?

Big Data’s fundamental solution is priced by the unit of appliance. Etu Appliance consists of two parts: Master Node and Worker Nodes. In practice, the minimum package has one Master Node and two Worker Nodes. Each Worker Node can process 4TB (prior to compression) of user data, and it can be scaled-out upon request for further capacity needed.
Also we offer consultancy service with our fundamental solution to help enterprise clients to embrace the value of Big Data.


04. Has there been some successful case of Etu fundamental solutions already?

In Taiwan, China, HongKong and South East Asia, pioneer projects have been kicked off on various applications on 3G mobile’s user behavior analysis, web-based transaction behavioral analysis, and customer service evaluation application.


05. Which part of processing chain does Etu mostly apply to?

Etu Appliance is specially designed to process excessive volume and various forms of Big Data. No matter it’s the calculation, sort, search, analysis for Log file or semi-structured Time Series Data, or the signature extraction and analysis of documents and photographs; Etu Appliance can demonstrate Big Data’s value with the highest C/P ratio returned for the customers.


06. Does Etu have different Big Data solutions for different industries?

On the foundation of Etu Appliance, product mix with strong partners can be formed. Data processing and analytical solutions for telecom companies, corporate governance solutions, e-commerce and web services industries are also custom-designed following specific requests.


07. What is the difference between Etu Big Data’s solution and other vendors? What are the uniqueness and business benefit?

Currently, there has not been many effective solutions on the market considering technology sufficiency and cost effectiveness (large sum of licensing fee is implied). Etu Appliance has high functionalities, adjustable to special features of software and hardware, simplifying cluster deployment and maintenance measures. Etu Appliance also has linear scale-out capability with expansion capability with possibilities to increase capability to thousands of nodes. Enterprises not only can save time in deployment and maintenance using Etu Appliance, but also can seek technical support through a single window for both software and hard ware issues efficiently. Enterprise can easily establish an infrastructure to support Large Scale Data Processing Application with low TCO with minimum effort.


08. What is the difference between Etu Big Data processing and the traditional data processing done by Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse?

Traditional data processing done by BI/ Data Warehouse focuses on processing structured data, data stored in Relational Database Management System. However, it cannot process semi-structured and unstructured data as efficiently due to the excessive volume. Etu Appliance’s core value, processing semi-structured and unstructured data in excessive volume, aims at bridging the capability gap in between Etu and traditional BI/Data Warehouse. Semi-structured and unstructured data from internal and external source can be stored, processed and analyzed in Etu Applicance. The calculated and processed results in structured form then can be sent to traditional BI/Data Warehouse for further extraction, sort or search by the business user.


09. If we decide to use Etu Big Data processing solution, do we need to employ a professional technician to maintain this system? Is there further need to purchase more equipment

Since Etu Appliance is an all-in-one solution consists of software and hardware with the functionality of data storage and compute, clients do not need to purchase additional software and hardware equipment except internet switch, nor to employ technical professionals to maintain this system.


10. How big should the volume of my data be to apply to Etu Big Data solutions?

If the data volume to be processed everyday is above 100GB, Etu Big Data is the right fit for you. If the data volume to be processed reaches 500GB, even to 1TB, Etu Big Data processing solution can realize to even fuller potential.


11. Our company has Big Data stored for different target markets, do you think it is necessary to process those data? What value can we gain from this historical data?

Much useful information is usually embedded in historical data. A better way to process these Big Data is to build an efficient infrastructure to process these Big Data. The more historical data you have, the data model would be more representative. The decision made on this model would thus be more precise.


12. For Big Data related queries, can the Etu team provide free valuation service?

The Etu team provides “The opportunity and challenge with Big Data”presentation free-of-charge with complimentary inspectionconsultancy service. Please do contact us with any query you have.


13. What is ‘Etu’?

The word Etu when directly transliterated from Chinese to English is \ē-tü\ which in Mandarin means intent (意圖). The intent of Etu is to bridge the gap between the digital and brick-and-mortar world in order to capture the hidden values behind enormous data sources.


14. What is the mission of Etu?

Etu is the first team capable of delivering End-to-End Big Data solutions to enterprises across Asia. Our mission is to develop Big Data Killer Solutions with Appliances, centered on business development in Taipei and Beijing.


15. What is Etu team’s experience in Big Data?

Though our team was established in 2011, Etu team members have over 30 years of accumulated hands-on experience in Big Data and related technologies and have been deeply involved in the research and development of Big Data solutions even before the birth of Hadoop.


16. What does Etu’s logo mean?

The circles that are part of Etu’s logo represent Etu’s ability to reduce large volumes of data in order to meet the processing and analytic needs of our customers.


17. What does Etu’s slogan: Nexus Enlightenment mean?

Etu’ slogan - Nexus Enlightenment reflects Etu’s capability in uncovering business insights from the immense amount of data generated on a daily basis.


18. What does Etu develop and provide?

Etu is a market leader in developing and providing comprehensive solutions needed for future expansions and growth with highly integrated software and hardware for Big Data processing and analytics targeted at specific business issues.


19. What is Etu’s positioning?

In 2011, Etu was one of the leading software vendors to enter the Big Data market focusing on providing End-to-End Solutions. We believe we are not just a solution provider, but a partner. So we work intimately with all Hadoop distribution and third party tool vendors to insure consistency across the board for our customers’ needs.




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