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Business Consulting

Business ConsultingWith business consulting services as a part of the total solution. Etu can be an effective partner linking business strategies into a progressive solution.

Technology Consulting

Technology ConsultingEtu’s technology consulting team will guide you every step of the way through the blue-printing and planning of Big Data solutions.

Etu Hadoop Competition 2014

Etu Hadoop Competition 2014The EHC aims to encourage and create an environment in which Big Data can be leveraged to help create value in every field to improve society and enterprises through the studying of Hadoop systems and applications.(EHC)

The theme for Etu Solution Day 2015 is “Customer Centered Data Technology.” Register Now!

The annual Etu Solution Day will be held from 13:00 to 16:30 at the Taipei Convention Center on Oct 14, 2015 (Wed). The main topic of discussion during this event will be “The Significant Meaning of Data for Modern Enterprises In Relation to Data Technology.” Bank 3.0, Retailing 4.0, and Industry 4.0 are the fields that data technology cannot be ignored. Specifically, big data flow, preparation, and analytics are all key elements for a digital economy. Etu Solution Day 2015 cordially invites you to attend and listen to our speakers showcase their knowledge, practices, and insights. (Sep 21 Taipei / detail)



“Data Leaders in Action”, the Biggest Big Data Seminar for 2015 in Taiwan. Register Now!

The annual Big Data Taiwan(BDT) is just around the corner. This year, Etu will host and invite Cloudera’s Ecosystem partners. “Data Leaders in Action” is a theme that focuses on the global Hadoop Ecosystem. The diversity and richness of content has never been better. The event will be held from 08:40 to 16:30 at the Grand Hyatt Taipei on June 12, 2015. This will be the first time that any Taiwan vendor has introduced such a variety of concrete resources regarding Hadoop Distribution to Taiwan. Don't miss it! (May 21 Taipei / detail)



Etu brings you to the world of Industry 4.0-Data Driven Manufacturing Intelligence.

How to use big data to realize Industry 4.0, the future of manufacturing.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data create a new wave of manufacturing intelligence. Based on their best industrial practices, Etu and partners will hold an Industry 4.0 seminar from 13:30 to 17:50 on May 20, 2015 at the Sheraton Hsinchu on big data processing and building infrastructure for manufacturing. They will share their use cases and applications of manufacturing data. (May 5 Taipei / detail)



EHC “Etu Hadoop Application Programming Competition” kicks off by calling for skillful contestants in data processing and analytics to team up. A champion team will win over NTD$200,000 in cash prizes.

The 2nd Etu competition is coming back again. Last year, the contestants completed the task of deploying Hadoop clusters. This year, the task will be even more challenging. The data set given tothe contestants will be from simulated data mirroring an actual e-commerce store this time. In this challenge, it’s not only aboutstatistics, but you also have to predict the outcome of the transaction records. Are you ready for the competition? Invite your friends to team up and register now. (March 31 Taipei / detail)



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