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Business Consulting

Business ConsultingWith business consulting services as a part of the total solution. Etu can be an effective partner linking business strategies into a progressive solution.

Technology Consulting

Technology ConsultingEtu’s technology consulting team will guide you every step of the way through the blue-printing and planning of Big Data solutions.

Etu Hadoop Competition 2014

Etu Hadoop Competition 2014The EHC aims to encourage and create an environment in which Big Data can be leveraged to help create value in every field to improve society and enterprises through the studying of Hadoop systems and applications.(EHC)

Etu Kicks Off Hadoop Application Programming Competition

The 2nd Annual Etu Hadoop Competition (EHC) is going to kick off soon. Etu is officially challenging all those who are enthusiastic about Hadoop Big Data technology to team up with their friends and enter. This year’s competition goal is to design a Hadoop application that anticipates all necessary functions with an emphasis on big data processing and analytics. The impending challenge for contestants this time around is to build a data science team with the ability to solve data problems related to the real business world. (Apr 16 Taipei / detail)


Etu Gathered an International Hadoop Ecosystem at Big Data Taiwan 2014

Big Data Taiwan which is organized by Etu has been ongoing for the past three consecutive years. An array of international and domestic speakers participated to impart their knowledge based on the theme of this year's conference: "Converge, Discover, Monetize”. Centered on Hadoop technology and its ecosystem, we have seen a wide range of specific industrial applications, use cases, end-to-end solutions, and tools at this conference. There were over 300 attendees, making it the largest big data event in Taiwan. In addition to enlightening speeches, participants could also visit sponsor booths. Attendees could not help but notice the dominant Hadoop presence at all the sponsor booths this year. (July 28 Taipei / detail)


Etu has Joined Forces with Code for Tomorrow to Form First Formal Data Science Program Team in Taiwan

SYSTEX, Etu, and Code for Tomorrow co-founded the DSP (Data Science Program) Project to produce and help achieve a greater impact on data science talent development. This is the first program in Taiwan in which the sole focus is on talent development in data science. The group recently held a graduation ceremony for its inaugural class of members and published its learning outcomes based on the use of Open Registered Property Price Data. After five weeks of intensive studying, structuring, and discussion of data, the contents of the final proposals were presented with the use of virtualization techniques which are enterprise-grade products demonstrating the seamless integration and innovation of open data and business models. This experimental project has created a blue print towards achieving a successful operating model that will help establish the talent development of data science in Taiwan. (Feb 10 Taipei / detail)


Etu Advances Its Big Data Solution to the Next Level by Adding Etu Recommender with Cloudera

China has become recognized as the world’s second-largest e-tail market in the world. With this in mind, Etu, the leading Big Data vendor in Asia announced the availability of Etu Recommender to meet the increasing needs aimed at providing business users with a ready-to-deploy e-commerce solution. Etu Recommender is strategic technology built to work with and to take full advantage of an Etu Appliance, a platform based on CDH4, Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop, to accelerate the development of Big Data related applications. (August 14 Taipei / detail)


Cloudera Partners with Etu as Their First Global IHV Partner in Asia

Etu, a leader in Big Data vending with a focus on the development of Hadoop system applications becomes the first lead partner for Cloudera IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor) in Asia. Cloudera is the leader in Hadoop distribution and services for enterprises. Etu leverages CDH (Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop) to design Hadoop-based Big Data processing platforms.(June 5 Taipei / detail)


Etu to Promote and Host Open Data Day Event

As Open Data / Open Government Data continues to gain public awareness, Etu is very honored to host this event and facilitate towards this progress. Etu will communicate this significant topic to all communities involved. Besides Internet services and industrial applications, Etu will maximize the potential of Hadoop-based Big Data processing and analysis technologies to enhance their utilities in our daily life. By doing so, it will also serve all designers and assist in the development of higher layer applications and APIs with a seamlessly integrated Big Data Pre-processing Platform. (Feb. 26 Taipei / detail)


Etu Appliance Awarded 2012 I.T. Month Award for Outstanding I.T. Application/Products

The biggest IT Industry Award in Taiwan focusing on design and research & development disclosed the winners of the 2012 I.T. Month Outstanding I.T. Application/Products Award. Etu, the leading Asian brand for Big Data was presented the Outstanding I.T. Application/Products Award for their design of the Hadoop-based Big Data Etu Appliance by the judges in the category of “System, Application, and Software Tool” after a strict three part competition process. Etu Appliance is the first Big Data platform ever to be awarded the annual I.T. Month Award. (Oct 29 Taipei / detail)


Etu Unveils in China and Launches its Latest Big Data Solution the Etu Recommender

Recognizing China for their ripening growth opportunities in the e-commerce market and in a move to fulfill the fierce competition of e-commerce, Etu has rolled out its new Big Data solution the Etu Recommender. Currently, the limitations of recommendation technology in China are counterproductive. The Etu Recommender will increase the precision, efficiency, and accuracy of recommendations. By doing so, e-commerce business operators will be able to benefit largely by the increase of purchase rate, total amount of purchase, and click-through. In the end, it brings a whole new experience to the consumer’s online shopping experience and indirectly will boost customer loyalty.


Etu Appliance Presented Technology Innovation Awards by TAITRONICS for their Industry Leading Big Data Platform

The innovative characteristics of an Etu Appliance starts from the operating system employing simplification and optimization design. (Oct 1 Taipei / detail)


Etu Announces the First Etu DataFlow Framework in Asia

Embrace Hadoop as the Mainstream Technology of Choice to Maximize Big Data Processing Efficiency (Aug 27 Taipei / detail)


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